Frequently Asked Questions

I have a really weird idea for a photo shoot, would you be willing to work with me?

The weirder the better! I want your photos to stand out in your memory and in my portfolio!

I want to have my photos taken in a remote location, will you work with me?

Similar answer to the previous question, the more unique the better! Contact me to discuss in more detail!

Do you have a studio?

I do not have a permanent studio. My philosophy is that shooting out in nature or in your own home results in a more comfortable session and more genuine photos.

I do have a pop-studio that I use for events or can bring to you if needed.

My child or pet can’t sit still for an entire hour, can I book a shorter session with you?

Yes! Contact me to set up a session tailored to your needs.

I hate having my photo taken…

No problem (me too)! I can create photos that show you and your family going about your daily life! We don’t need a formal set-up, some of the most beautiful photos are from “candid” type situations.