About Us


We are creative photographers

Our passion is making sure you have a blast during your photo session.

Bonnie Photo is committed to providing a friendly, fun, and unique photography experience to clients of all classes, ethnicities, gender identities, abilities, and backgrounds.

No matter your experience or comfort in front of the camera, your investment in photography with Bonnie Photo will result in art that you will be proud to show-off and display for decades to come.

Bonnie Photo is an independent photography studio located in Erie, Colorado. Bonnie Photo serves all of Colorado’s Front Range, focusing on the Denver-Boulder area.

Bonnie Photo specializes in outdoor, lifestyle portraits and also offers in-studio portraits with professional lighting.

Meet Your Photographers


Owner and lead photographer

Bonnie is a Scottish word for beautiful. Having this name has encouraged me to see the beauty in everything. Born and raised in Boulder, CO, I’ve always had a travel bug and a passion for art.

I specialize in outdoor portraits using natural and staged lighting. My editing style is bold and vibrant.

You’ll find that my client interactions and photography reflect the high value I place on family, honesty, intelligence (I am a Ravenclaw after all), and humor.

My other roles include: Denver Comic Con volunteer, luckiest wife in the world, and dog momma (my tiny dog and second dog are on Instagram!).

Passionate, professional, innovative

As a professional portrait photographer, my passion is helping you to show your personality through beautiful photographs. I strive to make sure that you and your family’s passion and values shine through the portraits we create together.

I have grown to love and respect portrait photography more and more as an art form the more I get into it. I decided to turn this passion into Bonnie Photo to bring my joy and skills to others. I love building connections with clients and business partners. These connections allow me to create more honest and meaningful portraits.

Researching and and trying out all the latest photography gadgets and techniques is one of my favorite activites!

A personal history with creative imagery

Even as a small child, my parents made sure to instill in me a love for viewing and creating art. This life-long immersion in the art world inspired me to pursue an art degree for part of my undergraduate career at Colorado State University (although I ended up with a BA in International Studies and a minor in history). As I sought a place to study history for my master’s degree, I made sure to find a place that would encourage and foster my artistic side. I traveled to Norwich, UK to get my MA in Modern European History at the University of East Anglia. I chose UEA for its dedication to the arts and the rigor of it’s slavic studies program. My coursework there focused on art and literature in the Soviet Union and I wrote my dissertation on Soviet Cinema. It was at this time that I bought my first DSLR camera because my point and shoot offered nowhere near the amount of artistic control I desired over my images.

I have also also put my master’s degree to work in middle and high schools in Boulder and the Denver area as a substitute and full-time, licensed teacher.

My Taste in Art

It was art history that got me interested enough in history to pursue a master’s degree in it. Through all of the art history classes I took at CSU, I gained such a deeper understanding for the evolution of visual imagery. I expanded on that knowledge base and appreciation in working towards my master’s degree. I’ll always happily discuss artists, art movements, and film with anyone.


Associate Photographer

Michael is associate photographer at Bonnie Photo. However, his most important roles are as Bonnie’s husband-extraordinaire and co-parent to their two strange dogs, Sylas and Rowena.

Mike is much more photogenic than Bonnie, which Bonnie is infinitely grateful for!

Mike’s skills include:

  • Mechanical Engineering (his day-job)
  • Cooking
  • Making everyone around him feel comfortable and at-ease
  • Pointing
  • Making Bonnie laugh

Together we are Bonnie Photo

A couple of cuties creating quality portraits together.
Building up each other’s strengths for your benefit.