Frequently Asked Questions

Question? The answer may lie in these frequently asked questions!

What is your booking process like?

I do everything online. Once we chat and decide what services are best for you, I will send a digital quote for you to approve (the quote can have multiple options for you to choose from), then a questionnaire, contract, and payment portal. After booking you’ll receive a confirmation email, and an exclusive style guide with suggestions for what to wear (and what not to wear).

Why should I pay Bonnie Photo to take pictures for me when I carry a smartphone everywhere I go?

The answer to this common (and very reasonable) question is two-part. Part one is a simple visual comparison:
smiling Santa photo taken on a smartphonephoto of smiling Santa Claus holding a tiny dog
Both photos were taken by me, at an event I photographed, but you can immediately tell the difference, right?

The image on the left was taken with my smartphone, a Nexus 6P. This phone’s camera is no slouch, it gets consistently good reviews for image quality and ability to capture low-light images.

I created the image on the right using my Nikon D750, 50mm lens, and two off-camera flashes.

I ran both photos through similar processes in Adobe Lightroom, but the higher quality of the image on the right is impossible to ignore. My Nikon full-frame DSLR has a 35mm image sensor (the same size as old film). My Nexus 6P has a tiny image sensor in comparison: it measures 6.17 by 4.55 mm. This means my DSLR has magnitudes more area in which to capture pixels and light. A bigger image sensor eventually translates into bigger, higher quality prints. Rather than settling for 8″ x 10″ prints, you can go for the beautiful 16″ x 20″ aluminum print.

The comparison between lenses is a similar stark difference: my 50mm lens weighs 1/3 of a pound (my 85mm weighs over a pound and a half!) because it has a lot of high-quality glass in it and numerous focusing elements with a minimum aperture of f/1.8. This means is can pull in a ton of available light and keep images crisp and creamy. The lens on a smart phone can fit comfortable on the tip of your pinky finger and is much lower quality, it does not pull in nearly as much light and struggles to capture detail.

That was probably a longer answer than you were expecting, and I haven’t even gotten to part two.

You should hire me because you’re hiring more than just my expensive, professional grade camera, lenses, and lighting equipment. You are also a hiring my eye for composition, lighting, and posing. You are hiring my professional editing software. Last, but not least, you are hiring my professional online image galleries and personal print ordering experience.

When you hire Bonnie Photo you are hiring someone who knows how to create quality photo art products. You want to hire a professional you can form a relationship with that will last years. I will be there for any of the important events you want to create artistic memories of with art that will grace your home for years.

I have a really weird idea for a photo shoot, would you be willing to work with me?

The weirder the better! I want your photos to stand out in your memory and in my portfolio!

I want to have my photos taken in a remote location, will you work with me?

Similar answer to the previous question, the more unique the better! Contact me to discuss in more detail!

Do you have a studio?

I do! I have backdrops and professional lighting in my home studio, many of my headshot sessions take place here.

I hate having my photo taken…

No problem (me too)! Our photo sessions are always fun and relaxed. We don’t need a formal set-up, some of the most beautiful photos are from “candid” type situations. My recommendation for folks who find it difficult to smile for the camera (like myself), is to bring a friend or family member to their session, someone who can make them smile.

Why don’t I get all of the photos you took during our session?

That’s a great question!

Yes, during an hour-long session you will hear my camera click hundreds of times. Due to the nature of snapping shots of humans, outside, with lighting, a lot of these shots end up being “test” shots, and another portion have blinks or outfit malfunctions or a hundred other possibilities. Part of what you’re paying me for is my ability to adapt to each setting and these test shots to take better and better photos. You’re also paying for someone who knows how to use and owns a professional-grade camera. This camera doesn’t spit out .jpg files like your camera phone would. It produces a much larger, RAW, file that must be edited with professional software before it can be viewed anywhere.

Another part of what you’re paying for is the 3+ hours I spend sorting and editing the photos for each hour I spend taking photos. People who pay for professional photography don’t want to have to sift through hundreds of sub-par photos (or decide between two nearly-identical photos), and that’s where I come in. First, I sort through the photos to get rid of the overexposed test shots, and the photos with blinks in them. Then I use professional quality editing software to adjust levels and settings most people have never heard of and are only produced by professional cameras and software. Then I do basic blemish and spot removal on the photos that make the cut. Then I upload those photos to your online gallery, and a Facebook album (if you want). When you consider all of that time and work (and my expenses for camera equipment, software, and cloud storage), my rates are really a bargain!

From each hour of shooting photos, I never promise more than 15-30 finished images as a result (although often there are more). This ensures that only my best work is represented in my portfolio, and only your best side is shown in your home and to your friends and family.

You can rest assured that I will carefully consider each image, and only get rid of the ones that you wouldn’t want to show off anyways.

Many other people (who are better photographers and writers than I am) have also written about this issue. Psychology for Photographers and Caleb Kerr are my favorites.

Why are you charging more for additional edits?

All of my session fees include basic edits. This includes the changes I have to make to all photos that come out of my professional-grade camera in a RAW format: white balance, exposure, cropping, making photos crisper and more colorful, basic spot and blemish removal, and a couple more simple things. These edits are included in my session fee because I make these edits to all photos I publish.

If a client asks me to make more extensive edits to their photos, this requires that I spend much more time with each photo and my time is valuable. Some additional edits I can make upon request and for an extra charge include: teeth whitening, extensive blemish removal, making wardrobe mishaps less obvious, and removing or reducing stray hairs.

Some edits will never be possible, and I will be more than happy to talk about specifically why if a client asks for such things.