Pet Portraits at Gunbarrel Center

Recently, Gunbarrel Center Apartments invited me to take portraits at a puppy party they threw for their residents.

I had so much fun meeting the residents, their dogs, and taking their photos!

My first client was Holly and her dad. Holly is the first deaf puppy I have worked with, and she was a delight! Super smart, energetic, and patient. Everyone at GC loves this dog!

To light this scene I used two off-camera flashes with MagMod gels pointed at a muslin sheet. I changed the colors of the gels in between shoots, and you can see the different background colors below.

I also had one off-camera flash with a shoot-through umbrella pointed at my subjects. This provided a nice, diffuse light, especially since my subjects were rather mobile!

Photo taken by my lovely boyfriend of me in action!

Another fun thing I played around with at this event were the props I made. I created little fishing-pole-like devices with dog toys and treats to suspend in front of pets to get their attention. Not sure who had more fun with these, the dogs or their humans! 😉

Overall, I had an enormously fun time creating portraits for all these puppy parents. I can’t wait to do it again at Only Natural Pet on October 28th!

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